About Us

Predict Sea is your primary destination for an accurate Marine Weather Forecast.

Global sea condition forecasting

When you’re sailing upon high seas, weather can be unpredictable and challenges can arise. Predict Sea offers global sea condition forecasting 24/7, and we pride ourselves with the value and accuracy of our information. The worldwide information covers the open seas and provides professional maps and charts that you can rely on.

Weather Models

We use the NOAA and NECP models to help you assess the weather and ensure that nothing is surprising you out of nowhere. Our data is compiled via weather parameters, using different physics and comprehensive equations in order to offer a great insight into the current situation and ensure that you have the most accurate results.

Variety of Factors

We calculate a variety of factors including cloud, pressure, temperature, wind & swell directions. Thanks to the full globe forecast, all the information is very dependable, reliable & extremely accurate every time. The GFS is designed to offer all the information you need, and it pushes the boundaries with its ease of use and impressive information.

Who is Predict Sea for?

Our website is here to help everyone sailing upon high seas and oceans. It’s very important to know about any potential weather problems that can arise, and we strive to help you avoid all of that. Thanks to professional data representation and our reliance on NOAA and NCEP models, we are able to provide our website visitors with the most up to date and accurate sea conditions.

You can search for a specific region, or you can choose one from the left side of the screen. It’s very important for us to offer you immediate access to the information you need, and you can easily contact us if you have any questions or inquiries. Don’t go sailing unprepared, study the Predict Sea data and check the weather conditions to stay safe!

Our Weather Data

All-weather models use different physics, set up parameters, and many complex equations to calculate meteorological data such as wind speed, direction, swell height, direction, temperature, pressure, and cloud. The model used with Predict Sea is based on most trusted and reliable sources available i.e. the Global Forecast System (GFS) produced by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP) and the third-generation WAVEWATCH III wave model developed at NOAA/NCEP in the spirit of the WAM model.

The entire globe is covered by the GFS at a base horizontal resolution of 18 miles (28 kilometres) between grid points, which is used by us to predict forecast 7 days in advance. Dozens of atmospheric and land-soil variables are available through this dataset, from temperatures, winds, and precipitation to soil moisture and atmospheric ozone concentration. The map plot system includes full globe forecast, all domains except the swell/wave maps for the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea are plotted using the GFS Model. These Maps are updated Four times daily at (UTC): 0530Z, 1130Z, 1730Z, 2330Z giving a 7-days forecast.

Global Forecast System

( GFS )


WAVEWATCH III differs from its predecessors in many important points such as the governing equations, the model structure, the numerical methods and the physical parameterisations. Swell/Wave maps for the Mediterranean Sea and the Black Sea are plotted using this model and these maps are updated twice daily at (UTC): 1200Z and 2400Z giving a forecast of 4-days. The Sea Surface Temperature map is updated 2230UTC daily available for the previous day with only one analysis available.


The user assumes the entire risk related to its use of this weather data. Predictsea.com is providing this data "as is", and disclaims any and all warranties, whether express or implied, including (without limitation) any implied warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. In no event will Predictsea.com be liable to you or to any third party for any direct, indirect, incidental, consequential, special or exemplary damages or lost profit resulting from any use or misuse of this data. This server is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Every effort has been taken to provide the most recent and reliable information available. However, timely and accurate delivery of data and products from this server through the Internet is not guaranteed.

Commercial Use

Reproduction of the forecast images on this site, in whole or in part, for the purposes of commercial redistribution, is prohibited except with written permission from Predictsea.com. However, this permission will only ensure the correct usage and accuracy of data. The website is free to use tool to any individual or company.